Daily Prompt : New Dawn / Fajar Baru

I never wonder how many time I wake up early, as it’s my routines, my habit and automatically I wake up at the time I think before go sleeping. Since I was a child, I have been accustomed to wake up early because as Muslim, I am obliged to do God’s duty and if I didn’t wake up, my (late) great-uncle would splash me with some cold water. Not just me, but also to my cousins and sister. Though the climate was so cold, we must do that because it’s divine duty and our responsibility as Muslim. When prayer’s calling, we must be ready to purify ourselves and prepare our clothes to pray. When I still lived in Malang, we used to pray together as my parents and teacher said ‘pray together costs 27 times of pray alone, and the best one is in the mosque’. But now, I seldom go to mosque for performing dawn prayer…just pray at home.

I still also remember when at high school, all of us were required to pray subuh at a mosque every Friday. I must wake up at 4 a.m, took a bath and rode to the mosque. We also had to bring a notebook for writing ulema’s sermon after subuh praying and went home at 5 a.m before preparing to go to school again. But the blessing thing I always praise is sunrise. Sunrise is my commonest thing, the most adorable thing and new hope.

Up to now I always wake up at 4 a.m and walk to my working place at 5.30 a.m. My recent working place is actually 2 km of my boarding house, but I enjoy to walk as I do it for exercising my own body. The air is still fresh, with some fog and seeing sunrise, enjoy its warmth make my energy increases to the highest level.

One more thing, I can do many works when I wake up earlier, and reflect more.

Though on holiday, I cannot wake up late….still wake up at the same time. It seems like I have got living alarm inside my body.

Fine, this is my new dawn…new hope….new energy.


Tangerang, 2 September 2014



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