(Just Share) : Kari Ayam Medan/ Medan-styled Chicken Curry

Indonesia has got diverse gastronomy styles and influenced either locally or internationally since centuries. One of them is curry which originated from Hindustan, but then it was brought along with Hindustanis immigration to various parts of the world, and surely Indonesia. Sumatran curry is as spicy as its origins, while Javanese curry is less spicy and has more candlenut or white curry (opor).

My friend, an Indonesian famous writer, Helvy Tiana Rosa gave me the Medan styled chicken curry, as she’s originally from Medan, North Sumatera. I asked her the recipe when visiting her house in Depok as she served it for me. It tasted spicy but not too hot…so delicious till I asked her the recipe. But because of her busy times, she just gave it to me through her pm in facebook. Finally I made it at home on last Sunday.


I mix it with mushroom

I went to the closest traditional market to buy the spices, I love spices so that’s why I bought it for one week stock. Do you wanna know how to make Medan-styled chicken curry (though you can use any meat or vegetables if you’re vegetarian). I just modify a bit, not all…because it will lose its authenticity. LOL.

Let me share….it’s not absolute, but for me this is Medan-style. Ini Medan bung!

The ingredients for at least two portions :

500 gr boneless and skinless chicken breast (or any meat), cut into medium sizes
250 gr champignon mushrooms
(you may also add some potatoes)
2 tsp of cooking oil
1 -2 glass of water
1 glass of coconut milk

Condiments (all are blended)
100 gr dried chillies
1 segment of turmeric
2 segments of ginger
1/4 teaspoon of cumin seeds
3 cloves garlic
5 cloves onion

Other condiments
1 clove big onion, chop
1 lemongrass, mash
2 cardamoms
2 lime leaves
1 bay leaf
1 mashed galangal
1 star anise
1 cinnamon
1 or 2 cloves
Some salt and sugar for the taste
(you can also add some chicken stock, but I avoid it)

10632797_10152457272119335_4704389858628637063_nThe spices

Note : I don’t cook like chef master, so…that’s the way hehehe..

Preparation :
1. Preheat to pan, heat the cooking oil at first or if you like, you may add some margarine
2. Sautee the chopped big onion at first till it fragrants
3. Add the mixed condiment, sautee and wait till it smells good
4. Mix the sliced chicken, mix and wait until it’s half cooked
5. Add lemongrass, galangal, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, lime leaves, bayleaf and star anise. Sautee them all well while add some water
6. Wait until the chicken mix well
7. Add the mushroom
8. Do not forget to give some sugar and salt in it.
9. Do not forget to taste them first
10. Enjoy it with warm rice, bread or baked potatoes

That’s the recipe and I had to spend a half an hour to grind the dried chilly, as I forgot to soak it into water. Hehehehe..

Well, this is my today’s sharing and have a nice try…(If you wanna try..but for spicy food haters, never dare to have it! LOL)


Have a nice meal

6 Comments Add yours

  1. April says:

    Iki masak dewe ta bro? hehe njaluk po’o *komene jowoan rapopo yo hahaha

    1. Yo…nek ora mosok iso aku njelasno resepe..hehehe

  2. winnymarch says:

    wah jadi pengen balik ke medan paling suka masakan medan! btw salam kenal. blogmu bgs cuma latar belaknganya terlalu kontras

    1. Terima kasih ya…salam kenal juga dan terima kasih atas masukannya πŸ™‚

      1. winnymarch says:

        sama-sama πŸ™‚

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