A Word A Week Photograph Challenge : Arch/ Lengkung

Selamat sore/ good afternoon/ bom dia/ bonjour

In Bahasa Indonesia, arch has also got several meanings…but for this case it means curve or lengkungan. Talking about arch, I have such archy photos and these are taken in Jakarta City Old Station (Stasiun Jakarta Kota) which locates in Jakarta Old City. It has been appointed as  one of historical and cultural landmark in Jakarta since 1993. It was built around 1870 and reopened in 1929. It serves various lines, either in Jabodetabek (Jakarta Bogor Depok Tangerang Bekasi) and various cities in Java island.

I just took its inside, as I am impressed with its arched architecture and that’s why I share these pictures for this challenge.




Arched building, Jakarta Kota station



Busy station


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4 responses to “A Word A Week Photograph Challenge : Arch/ Lengkung

  1. Pardi

    Thanks for share, really it was amazing historical,anyway it’s free or should be paid to visit? And how to reach that place

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