Weekly Photo Challenge : My Interpretation of Fray

Honestly, it was hard to interpret the meaning of ‘fray’, as I rarely use this word. In bahasa Indonesia it means ‘percekcokan’, ‘kehebohan’ and many more…but for this case, I choose the ‘kehebohan’ or excitement. The exictement here when I made cassava balls called Gethuk. As a traditional Javanese cuisine, I sometimes make it when I was at home. There are many variations of gethuk and I tried to mix it with cheese as well as food colouring. Many colours and so brightly till people were afraid to eat it as it’s suspicious for being given textile colouring. Hahahaha… No way! What I made here were natural, just I added the colouring too much. Rainbow cassava balls or Gethuk pelangi and I serve it with skewer and shredded coconut.

That’s fray, right? because it excites everyone. Hehehe

And the colours were fighting each other (I ever posted it, but I have another perspective here)

Special for this challenge


Rainbow modern cassava balls/ Gethuk Pelangi Modern

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  1. it seem delicious,hehehe 🙂

  2. Pardi says:

    Assalamualaikum Pak Bambang Gethuk asale soko telo moto ngantuk ikut tambane opo… Did you know the lyric from that song ? It’s very popular in java especially in central java and east.who’s the singer name?

    1. Lagu itu mah jaman saya SMP sudah kenal. Penyanyinya Nur Afni Octavia, penciptanya Manthous

      Umur saya waktu lagu itu populer masih 14-15 tahun.

  3. ibuseno says:

    heboh warna warninya..itu pakai peawarna alam kan mas ?

    1. Jangan salah Teh..pewarna makanan semua tuh..malah ada yg pake pasta strawberry. Aku ngasihnya kebanyakan sih, jadi ngejreng gitu efeknya.

  4. Mabel Kwong says:

    Very creative interpretation for thsi challenge, Nono. Love it and I feel like having a stick of gethuk right now. Are they cheese balls? I presume they taste sweet…

    1. Mabel, these are modern gethuk, because the original one is only made of mashed cooked cassava and brown sugar, and colorless. But for modern one, many people add some cheese and vanilla or even chocolate for improving its taste.

      You’re correct, it’s sweet, but not too sweet. 🙂

      1. Mabel Kwong says:

        That is a great explanation. The original ones sound very, very sweet. But coloured food is always fun to eat 🙂

      2. Yes, is it ‘heavy’ snack, right? It can be eaten as breakfast or teatime. I still remember that my late grandpa sometimes had gethuk and tea/coffee for afternoon tea. But also fried cassava and boiled yam/taro

  5. Pardi says:

    I think it same as gethuk lindri right? Btw… Do you know gethuk lindri pak ?

    1. Jangan ngejek deh…memangnya saya bukan orang Jawa?

      1. Pardi says:

        He…he…he… Pagi Pak, jawanya mana Pak? Kulo saking Sragen Jateng

      2. Pardi says:

        Oh Malang to … Pak pls do share about apel malang. Really i want to know it more just from you .

      3. Hahahahaha….
        ..which one should I explain more?

      4. Pardi says:

        He..he…he…sorry Pak make you confused,my means is about apple ,it’s verry popular, many people like apple malang.

      5. I’m not confused, but just asking which part.

      6. Pardi says:

        He….he…he…,sorry pak make you confused,my means is about apple, it’s very popular many people love and like apple malang.

  6. chris13jkt says:

    Gak bisa disalahkan kalau orang mengira itu gak pakai pewarna makanan karena warnanya yang ngejreng begitu, tetapi di foto memang jadi lebih menarik sih 🙂

    1. Maklum, kebanyakan ngasih pewarnanya. Yang jingga saya pakai sari jeruk, sedang yg merah pakai pencitarasa stroberi. Hehehehee..

  7. Pardi says:

    I think for this food gethuk will be better if don’t using any coloring, it will be healthy and give us a feel secure when we eating it especially for children.how about you ? Are you agree with me?

    1. If the coloring is natural, why not? You can get yellow from turmeric, red from strawberry, green from pandan and blue from blueberry.

      1. Pardi says:

        What’s Tumeric Pak? Swear I still don’t know and this’s the first i heard it. What do you mean kunir Pak? Please more explain.

      2. Pardi says:

        Pak Pak could you pls let me know how to cook and made gethuk one by one, step by step?pls share the way by simple words

      3. Easy right?
        Just cook the cassava until smooth. Mix it with sugar or brown sugar and some vanilla if you need it. Do not forget to mash it while it’s still hot. Done.

      4. Pardi says:

        Thanks Pak yes it’s seems easy, I will try to practice with someone together.

      5. Pardi says:

        Pak Pak could you pls let me know how to cook and made the special gethuk one by one, step by step?pls share the way by simple words

  8. Pardi says:

    Pak what about today? Waiting for the new articel from your side, Pak could you please to write about tawang mangu or keraton solo pak? It’s great and beautiful place to share to other

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