(Monday’s Pictures): Panjat Pinang / Pole Climbing

Panjat pinang or pole climbing has been integral part of Indonesian cultures for centuries. It is usually held for celebrating special events such as independence day. For years it hasn’t celebrated as it fell on Ramazan and for this year, the condition returns to be ‘normal’.

The rule is quite simple, you must climb the slippery nut tree pole where on its peak there are many prizes available for you. From the cheapest like rice spoon until cellular phone or bicycle. This game is in group and all push others to the top. However it’s hard as its slippery nature, and many people fall down, but it’s the excitement of this game.

The moral value you can get here is teamworking overcome all difficulties…

Location :Kelapa Dua, Tangerang, Indonesia


DSC07099Go, get it


You’re so heavy


Keep smile


Almost done!


Get the prizes!


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  1. almost all the vilages in Indonesia celebrate the Independence Day by Panjat pinang… hehe

    1. I don’t know whether malaysia does this

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