(Sunday’s Note) : Happy Independence Day, My Beloved Indonesia

10547648_10152441143569335_9103012100152725117_nI have just returned home from celebrating Indonesia’s independence day ceremony in my workplace. The nuance is quite different than the last few years aback, because the independence day fell in Ramazan months and in 2014, independence day is on Sunday, where everybody should be on vacation or relaxes at home. The ceremony is a must and all institutions in entire Indonesia (except few religious fractions which consider flag ceremony is haraam). I was excited when I attend this year’s ceremony because there were many marches sung and raised up my nationalism.

69 is one step into 70, and it is the moment when our founding fathers declared our independence day at 10 a.m in Pegangsaan Timur, Jakarta. At the time, and I still remember when after 2 hours (when I was in Semarang Grand Mosque), the ulema announced our independence through his Juma cermon.

In this 69 years, Indonesia still faces various multi-dimentional problems and the most dangerous one 1908415_10203409961027313_9134356788973863357_nare political covered by primordialism and religiousity matters. There are humongous rumours and even in presidential elections rumours about one’s religiousity, ethnicity and ideology has become a good food for everyone and they can easily spread all untrue issues through social media. We, as the users also spread it without clarify or asking about the truth and can you see the results? We fight each other, I mean virtually because it occurs in virtual world, but the effect can be seen in the real life. I can see by myself when family becomes enemy because of different president choice, and everyone is able to stigmatize other as kafir because of the difference, even among the same faith. Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity) is threatened by corruptions, political evils, radical religious and also radical liberalists.

We, Indonesians,  have been liberated from colonialist for 69 years, but now we’re colonized by our10553355_10203409956987212_3426039973185120527_n own brethrens. We are still not able to express ourselves, and in some cases intolerance are still prevalent among Indonesians. I don’t want to detail it because there are so many examples you can see, either from social media or mainstream media, but once more, you should clarify first to your trusted Indonesian colleagues before concluding. Democracy is relatively new here, people are still trapped in 1998 euphoria, unlimited by scarry liberation and fitnas are overall. What Indonesians need now is a new government to restore this nation from all old mentality heritages.

We, Indonesians, need to start a new beginning as a great nation. We have got enormously natural resources, and one of the world’s most diverse society. It should be defended and developed because some Indonesians tend to consider this country form as kuffar, and they don’t want to celebrate Indonesia’s birthday. It is incorrect, because we’re Indonesians, though freedom is considered but please give your respect to our ulema, islamic students and other mujahids who had fought by their thoughts, knowledge and weapon to defend Indonesia’s independence from the agressions. As we can see, every religions has its own radical groups, but issues they published should be closed down in order to keep peaceful aura among us.

Nationalism is part of faith, we can express our love to Indonesia by many ways. Not just by attending ceremony, but also in every parts of our lives, because nationalism is side by side with our religions. I expect in this 69 years, Indonesia will be brightened, new government and new things. I also hope Indonesia will be more tolerant without leaving our local values, because whatever it is, whatever globalization effects, Indonesians will always be different to other nations, and will be like that. Maybe this is my nationalism, showing up everything Indonesia as many as I can from my own point of view. Indonesia is home for everyone, whatever religions they embrace, whatever their ethnicities and all differences are like rainbow for us.

This is our independence day
Happy Independence day, Indonesia
Dirgahayu Kemerdekaan, Indonesia


Tangerang, 17 August 2014

Bambang Priantono

*Those pictures do not belong to me*



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  1. The Pictures is very cool…

  2. jogloku says:

    Indonesia is one of the richest country in the world, hope the independence day becomes a great moment to lead people’s prosperity

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