A Word A Week Photo Challenge : Create/Mencipta/Membuat – Rojak Seller

This is a culinary type which can be found in Jakarta and its surroundings. It is usually sold door to door or in the crowded places. It is made of mashed fruits which mixed with hot spicy peanut sauce and mashed in a grinder. It’s been rarely found and I met him incidentally near bus stop. The fruits are usually semi-riped. Chopped into pieces and then mashed into grinder, but with the hot and spicy peanut sauce.

We call here Rujak bebek or Rujak tumbuk or Mashed Rojak

For this challenge


DSC06054 DSC06051





Tangerang, 14 August 2014

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16 responses to “A Word A Week Photo Challenge : Create/Mencipta/Membuat – Rojak Seller

  1. Rojak. I love that. Eating rojak in Singapore, I remember it wasn’t grinded too much…more like th fruits were chopped into pieces, that’s all.

  2. Never tried this kind of rojak before. Is it an Indon recipe that you grind all ingredients?

  3. Well, usually it’s caled roejak instead of rojak in english mas,
    in culinary term, the texture of roejak bebek is minced eventough the literrary translation is mashed or roughly mashed
    lovin it for it’s tangy, spicy and hotness, nice shoots aniway

  4. Salam kenal…
    Saya juga dari Situbondo kang…

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