(Reflection) : From Laughter to Eternity

We are laughing for today
Share our happiness and joy
We are laughing for many
No more shy

By laughing we veil our gloomy
Though we live in misery
At least we can see clearly
Or watching laughter savvy

We are now in gloomy day
When a laughter passed away
On the bright Monday
All lovers are kinds of shakey

May be we all cry
He has gone to the eternity
Left all his enormous popularity
Left his belongings into memory

His death is sadly
His laughter conceals misery
We do not know him hearty
Let God decides on him in the day

From laughter to eternity
He leaves his smiley
Left the worldwide in gloomy
The legend is now gone away

He will be alive in our memory
From funny to lovely
He’s well known posthumously
From laughter to eternity


*Tribute to Robin Williams 1951-2014…..I love the way he said “Hellooo” in Mrs Doubtfire when I was still in high school


Tangerang, August 2014



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