(Two Local Jokes of The Day) : SUN SHINE and FARTING

Okay, it’s the first time I share my joke collections, the joke which sometimes funny but also satirical. But racial related jokes are not allowed, okay?

These are today’s two jokes which are famous here.

About Sunshine

What will a teenager and a housewife say when the sun shines brightly?

The Teenager : Oh My God! Where’s my umbrella? Where’s my sunblock? or…I don’t want to go out now. It’s hot and I don’t wanna be darker

The Housewife : Horray!! finally I can dry my laundry!

What will an American, an Englishman and an Indonesia say when they incidentally fart?

The American : “Excuse me”
The Englishman : “Pardon me”
The Indonesian : “Not me!”

Don’t be offended…it’s just a joke and also reflect our typical in many ways.

Enjoy it!

Tangerang, August 2014

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6 responses to “(Two Local Jokes of The Day) : SUN SHINE and FARTING

  1. LOL at the farting joke. I think that one is so true. I’ve never heard an Asian person admit to farting😀 They’d usually say it’s not them or make an excuse that it was something else.

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