Travel Theme : Endearing Eid-Ul-Fitri

These are some photos I have during my Eid’s celebration. I went home to Malang, a cool city where I was born and raised up. I met my family especially my mom who’d just sick for a while. But meeting all big families during Eid holiday was very endearing for me. Here I share some photos of my big family. Soewandi’s family and I hope for seeing them again near future. Maybe on Christmas, because some of my big family are Roman Catholic.

Enjoy our Eid Celebration from this travel theme

DSC06957First generation (my mom is in the middle, my dad is behind her)

OMG! My youngest aunt was wearing my snickers!


Sorry, using smartphone and the result is not clear. But this is the second generation (which one is me?)


Who portrays who? (can you find out which one is me)


The third generation of Soewandi family (my little niece is in the middle too)

Why I share these photos? I want to share happiness and endearing moment I experience during celebrating Eid in Malang, my lovely hometown and though I live far now, I will always miss this moment.

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