Cee’s Fotofun Challenge : Metal/Logam (Nekara or Kettledrum)

When I read about this challenge, I just remembered that I still had two photos of kettledrum and it’s made of metal. Kettledrum or in Bahasa Indonesia called ‘Nekara’ was used as means of communication, as social status symbol, or for calling rain ceremony. It was also used as burial component thousand years ago. It was adorned with geometrical stars, animals, plants, boats and people, and was part of paleometalic period. It was found in Sangeang Island, West Nusa Tenggara and preserved in National Museum, Jakarta nowadays.

Special for this week’s challenge (without autumn)

DSC06293Nekara/Kettledrum, National Museum, Jakarta, Indonesia

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4 responses to “Cee’s Fotofun Challenge : Metal/Logam (Nekara or Kettledrum)

  1. I would love to hear it. Great photo and entry!!🙂

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