Weekly Photo Challenge : Summer Lovin’ with Ondel-Ondel

Summer has come!
But without winter because we never know how snowy the winter!
Just hotter and hotter, though sometimes it rains sporadically as the unclear climate caused by El Nino.

How’s your summer? We’re still fasting..the summer lovin’ is just with those two ondel-ondel of Jakarta.

In the past, it’s performed for defeating devils, but now it has become Jakarta’s cultural icon. I took these at Jakarta Old Town, in the very hot afternoon…enjoy it.




Enjoy Jakarta!

Location : Fatahillah Museum, Jakarta, Indonesia

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9 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge : Summer Lovin’ with Ondel-Ondel

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  3. Kok ono ondel ondel cak Nono?
    Sampeyan ndek Jakarta tah?

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