Weekly Photo Challenge : Between/ Di antara….(posting after hiatus)

It’s been more than one week since I blogged for the last time. Recently it’s school holiday and I spent my time a lot outside. I stayed in my cousin’s house in Jakarta and I’d just returned home yesterday. I don’t how many challenges I’ve missed during my hiatus time. My facebook is always on, but I spent most of my time in National Library at Salemba, Central Jakarta..hmm quite far from my home in Tangerang (40s km), that’s why I stayed in my cousin’s first. I have spent wonderful journey during my staying, and when I found this challenge, I just remembered for having the related things. Not so artistically fine, but as it is new photo, I wanna share it. Eh, two photos


ImageBetween two ondel-ondel, Jakarta Old City


Between two Betawian dancers, Jakarta Old City


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  1. Rusha Sams says:

    Wow! Great entry in this week’s challenge.

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