Weekly Photo Challenge : Work of Art / Karya Seni (Part/Bagian 1)


For me, it is also part of work of art. Because it shows about the past. It can tell about happening among our ancestors. The inscription also becomes memoir for an event such as irrigation building, village borders, king’s oath or curse and publications.

These are one of the oldest inscriptions found in Indonesia. Those are part of art because sculptured on the hardy stoney media. These are Yupa or Mulawarman inscriptions dated 4 century AD, those are supposed to be part of Ancient Kutai kingdom in East Kalimantan (Borneo). It is written in Pallava script and Sanskrit in its language and the inscriptions are as the following.

rimatah sri-narendrasya,
kundungasya mahatmanah,
putro svavarmmo vikhyatah,
vansakartta yathansuman,
tasya putra mahatmanah,
trayas traya ivagnayah,
tesan trayanam pravarah,
sri mulawarmma rajendro,
yastva bahusuvarnnakam,
tasya yajnasya yupo ‘yam,
dvijendrais samprakalpitah.

The translation will be added later on. So, these are the Yupas for this week’s challenge

ImageYupa 1


Yupa 2

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