(Just A Short Reflection) : Happy Mother’s Day (Internationally), But Not For Nationally

Internationally, Mother’s day is celebrated
Honour mother in a special day
Love and care to our mother
For all her sacrifice
To raise up us from the fetus till become big babies
Mother’s day
It is a symbol of motherhood
Celebration of being mother
Intenationally, it is in the middle of May
But there are many dates
You celebrate it now
But we, Indonesians do not do it
We have our own date
22nd December
Since almost 86 years ago
After The Second Indonesian Women Congress
That day has become the starting moment
For celebrating motherhood
I only say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ on 22nd December
And…poor for Indonesian fathers
Because there’s no father’s day for them
(Include myself)


Tangerang, 13 May 2014

4 Comments Add yours

  1. quarksire says:

    angel fire sayz …learn something new every day! . Q take care….. 🙂

    1. Thank you, every day is a new thing.

      From tropical angel..h:D

  2. niprita says:

    There’s no day called father’s day at calendar because if it written at, it would filled 366 days on calendar; it would be spams.
    From Ayah’s big fan

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