(Friday Reflection) : QUADRILINGUAL

What is quadrilingual?

According to Meriam-Webster Dictionary , it is an adjective to describe using or made up of four languages, or speaking/having knowledge of four languages.

When I visited someone’s site (Valeriu Barbu of Romania), I was inspired because he always writes his poems trilingual (English, Romanian and Italian) and I tried to do some practices, especially French. I have learnt French, but it’s been a long time ago and I’ve forgot many words. I, therefore, try again to write in French though in short poem at first. Step by step and I have to lease my shyness for opening French dictionary, and by google transtool as well. But remember! I only look for the word, not all things. Talking about the grammar, I think my memory is still good. This is why I obviously attempt again, even in four languages. While, for Basa Jawa (Javanese language) I also use it in my quadrilingual poem because it is my first mother tongue and the variant I use in those poems is middle-low variant. Javanese is a hierarchical language where the vocabulary for the same meaning can be very different depends on language level. It is spoken in Indonesia (around 45% Indonesians, 15% Surinamese and some others in Malaysia, Singapore, New Caledonia etc).

Language is my passion even though I am a lazy learner. But thanks for inspiration you give to me and I’ll try to do it more and more. Actually I know others, but I am still building my self-confidence to write it. Next target maybe Dutch, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese (I have already compared to European Portuguese too. I think for pronunciation, both of them have their own uniqueness. However, I tend to choose brazilian variant for the future project). If there are mistakes, feel free to correct me, because I am still learning particularly translating directly my short poems from Bahasa Indonesia into other three languages. I just express it directly, even without any concepts (I am spontaneous person anyway!).

One principal I always apply is just write and share, whatever the results. Being liked or not is just variation. Your word will be eternal and printed on the blog. I am blogger and have passed many phases during the last ten years my existence in this virtual world. I don’t really care about what people think about me and my postings. I just do the challenges and being non conventional blogger (it doesn’t mean I love sensation), I believe in gradual process and one day I will get the fruit. I have been in WordPress for almost two years and my way is still long. I love blogging here and meet great people, as far as I can, I’ll visit one by one if time is enough.

I am still amateur and needs more improvement.

Talking about quadrilingual poems, I hope you will enjoy it. It is still four postings and more will be coming soon.

1. Pelangi/Rainbow/Arc-en-Ciel/Kluwung
2. Penari/Danser/Danseur/Ledhek
3. Selfie/Gaya Sendiri
4. Kalah/Lost

Terima kasih atas kunjungannya
Thank you for your visits
Merci a votre visitation
Matur nuwun kangge sowane


Tangerang, 18 April 2014


Bambang Priantono

Thanks also to AB


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