(Tuesday Quadrilingual Reflection) : KALAH – LOST

KALAH (Bahasa Indonesia)
Kalah dalam suara
Jangan dibawa kecewa
Hingga mata hati buta
Bak gajah gelap mata
Pelanduk yang kena

Tak soal siapa yang menang
Janganlah berjiwa pecundang
Banyak jalan tuk berjuang
Tanpa harus curang
Untuk raih gemilang

LOST (English)
Lost, not voted
Never be disappointed
Till you become blinded
As if the cat manipulated
The mouse desperated

No matter who is the winner
Never be a loser
Many ways to be struggler
Without being cheater
But to be achiever

PERDU (Francais)
Si tu es perdue
N’es pas désappointé
jusqu’à tu as aveuglé
Comme les géants combatent
Les autres a ete ces victimes

Pas de probleme qui est les gagnants
Pas d’etre les perdants
Il y a beaucoup moyens pour d’etre les combatants
Sans d’etre les tricheurs
Etre les réalisateurs

KALAH (Basa Jawa)
Nalika kalah ing swara
Aja nganthi digawa gela
Nganthi mata batine wutha
Kayatha gajah kang wutha
Kancil sing kena

Ora perkara sapa sing menang
Aja dadi wong bodho
Akeh dhalan dadi pejuang
Tanpa kudu dadi wong mbeling
Kanggo dadi gilang gumilang

This poem reflects Indonesian elections and as I saw and read about many frustrated lost candidates who had made people suffered for their actions. It’s not good example for our democracy, because being a democratic should be able to accept whatever the results. Return to grass roots and build from the beginning. This is the real Indonesians….Merdeka

Tangerang, 15 April 2014

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