(Fresh Photos) : We Have Voted! (2014 Indonesian General Election)

Today is Indonesian election, where we choose our representatives in every provinces until districts. There are 12 political parties (with additional 3 local parties in Aceh province). But because I live in Tangerang while my voter list is in Malang (based on my identity card), as well as the late information about how to vote in other areas, that’s why today I cannot vote. I just entertained myself by walking around TPS (voting rooms) around my home. I took several pictures, especially everyone who had already voted. I asked them to show up their inked fingers and voila, the photos have already taken! Do not get insulted (for you who considered showing little finger is rude!) because it’s just for showing you,…we have already voted for our representatives. And in the next two months, there will be held more crucial election……for president!

I couldn’t go home for now, but I hope on June I can use my voting rights again after almost 5 years.

Here are the photos. I compiled them into one line. Enjoy it. From various parts of my surroundings. Unity in Diversity.

For better Indonesia…Let’s go!


ImageKami sudah memilih, Indonesia/ Indonesia, We have voted

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