Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : The Color White / Warna Putih

White is purity
White is cleanliness
White is the one of basic coloursThere’s always white besides black
Like good and bad
Come along each other (not totally white..but okay)

Special for this week’s challenge

ImageMy favourite mint candy, Winston (since Dutch colonial era)

ImageMy favourite food, tofu

Image(mostly) white church, Gereja Blendhuk (Domed church) Semarang

ImageOld Banten Grand Mosque minaret, Serang, Banten

Not so white, and not so artistic….but this is white…(mostly)

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  1. Love tofu to, but have no idea how to cook it! 🙂

    1. That’s different type…because it’s eaten with ginger soup and brown sugar…hot and yummy…:)

      1. ginger is so nice, but not so common in the domestic food here. sounds really lovely.

      2. Yes…maybe you can find it in Asian stores nearby. It’s still raining here and having some ginger with milk or ginger chicken soup is good for health.

      3. Japp. We use it in the the. And yes, we have all those and we have special shelfs with foreign food in the normal stores so Tofu and ginger is possible to find everywhere basically. But we normally only use it when we are cooking asian. On the other side it is probably the most commom fast food here. 🙂

      4. Different nation, different traditions.
        Sometimes we modify European foods into our taste…such as I make spaghetti but with Indonesian styled sauces (rendang sauce or something else), and lots of fusions here. But, that’s the difference…Fast food is very common, even sometimes I mimick it hehehehe..

      5. haha yes. we cook it at home also of course, but it´s more a fastfood thing for me and my friends. Love it.

  2. Cee Neuner says:

    Beautiful whites for this week’s challenge. Thanks so much for playing!

  3. danirachmat says:

    Kepengen nyoba tofunya. :-9

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