Travel Theme : Work/ Bekerja

I do not really care how many places I have visited so far. But what I think here, I’ve roamed at least my surroundings, not overseas because maybe I’ll do it one day. But there are so various works you can see everyday. From street musicians, jamu seller, nasi liwet seller, and anything…just for you all, these are some works you may wanna try. Hehehehehe..No..kidding.

These are my best captures from various places in Java island! just Java island Hehehehe..

Enjoy it for this challenge!

ImageSemanggi seller, Surabaya

ImageRebab player, Semarang

ImageCalligraphy maker, Semarang

ImageAn old lady, Dieng, Banjarnegara side, Central Java

ImageWedang Jun Seller, Semarang

ImageNasi liwet (siblings of Nasi Uduk and Nasi Lemak) seller, Semarang

ImageCarrot seller for feeding deer at Bogor Palace, Bogor, West Java

ImageStreet musician, Tangerang, Banten

Have a nice weekend!

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  1. danirachmat says:

    Kasihan lihat mbah yang di dieng.. 😦

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