(Saturday Night’s Gallery) : Kelenteng / Chinese Temple

In Indonesia, Chinese temple is called ‘Kelenteng’ or ‘Klenteng’ as it’s derived of its onomatopeia from the bell rang “teng, teng, teng” and for Indonesians, it becomes kelenteng. Kelenteng has been existed since centuries, when Chinese went diaspora to all around the world including Indonesia. During New Order (1966-1998), Confucianism was not recognized and Kelenteng is used for Tri Dharma “Three Dharma” for cover three religions (Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism). I think it’s been synchretism among those beliefs, where Buddha statue stands along with other Chinese gods and goddesses such as Kwan Im.

Thanks for Abdurrachman Wahid era, Chinese culture in Indonesia has been reborn, though it’s not perfect enough and surely with Indonesian flavour which quite different to their ancestral land. The number of Kelenteng is also growing after 1998. Well, almost every cities has got its Chinese quarters called Pecinan and it’s always be Vihara or Kelenteng over there. I have visited many chinese temples, just for visiting, nothing else, as far as I don’t bother their rituals. Still around Java island. Here I share some of them. (mostly in Semarang, Central Java).

I am proud of my country and Chinese culture is also part of us.

Enjoy it!

ImageVarious Chinese temples in Semarang China Town, Central Java


Still in Semarang Chinatown, Central Java


Sam Poo Kong temple, Semarang, Central Java at night


Tay Kak Sie or Gang Lombok temple, Semarang


Eng An Kiong temple, Malang, East Java

ImageHoo Hok Bio temple, Gang Cilik, Semarang Chinatown

ImageKwan Sing Bio, Tuban, East Java

ImageAvalokitesvara, Banten Lama, Serang, Banten province

ImageVihara Dhanagun, Suryakencana, Bogor, West Java

4 Comments Add yours

  1. danirachmat says:

    Looks lovely. Never visited one before.I definitely should try one.

  2. buzzerbeezz says:

    Di antara banyak foto itu, aku cuma pernah di Sam Po Kong Temple di Semarang aja.

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