(Goody Foody and Raw Photography) : Sate Bandeng / Milkfish Satay, A Typical Gastronomy of Serang, Banten

Only raw photo, I just wanna share the souvenir I bought from Serang, Banten. Milkfish satay or Sate Bandeng..in Tagalog it’s called Bangus.

Serang is also famous of its gastronomy made of milkfish, sate bandeng is only one of them besides Pecak Bandeng. In Semarang, Central Java, milkfish is presto cooked till its bones can be eaten, while in Sidoarjo, East Java, milkfish is smoked called Bandeng Asap. I tought it was small thing like other types of satay when I was riding around Serang city. However, I was shocked that the satay was so long….around 50 cm with bamboo skewer and the taste….the fishy thing has gone and only by bake it, it can be enjoyed easily. Every where in Serang and its surroundings you can find it. The price? I’m not travel advisor, it can be change depends of your negotiation skill. Hehehehe..

Sorry if the photo is not good enough..I am little bit lazy for taking a good angle, hehehe.

Enjoy it!

ImageSate Bandeng / Milkfish satay….one skewer for two..or…up to you

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  1. Looks yummy. In Malaysia, we called this Otak-Otak. 🙂

    1. It’s different..
      Otak-Otak is small ones and we can find otak-otak everywhere, but sate bandeng is only found in particular places.

      1. I’ve tried those sate bandeng in Bali. Loved them.

  2. danirachmat says:

    Sate yang hampir pasti dikasih sama mertua kalo pulang dari cilegon. 😀

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