(Daily Prompt) : Just Look and See Your Surroundings

ImageBasically, I love travelling so much. I love to see everything new and strange, especially historical places such as ancient temples, ruins, beautiful lakes or sometimes beaches. There are so many travellers here, who have explored everywhere…either in Indonesia or even around the world with all their facilities. From the luxurious till the most-economical ones, I wish I could do the same thing, but maybe I am not lucky enough to do that. Despite of all limitations, but I can do travelling around my place or inside the provinces. For example, when I was still in Semarang, I’d found many interesting places which nobody knows before, even the native one themselves. I walked around Semarang Chinatown, which lied near my boarding house and explored all things inside it. As it is one of the largest Chinatown in Indonesia. It has got 9 temples and the largest one is Tay Kak Sie or Gang Lombok. Sometimes I found unexpectable things there, when I visited a paper house maker in Chinatown, I’d got information that there would be held a paper house burning rites after 100 days burial..eeemm….cremation in some cases.

I could get it and took so many pictures over it. It was wonderful moment for me and I hope you can do the same thing. Maybe in this blog I still only share photographs without detailed stories, but I believe in the future I’ll do it often.

What I can share for you here? based on my own experiences, those are :

1. Look and see your surroundings at first.Sometimes you don’t have to go too far (but if you can afford it, why not? just do what you wish before you’re kicked off! hahahaha). Just look your own neighbouring first…I believe you can find something interesting to be told and shared with us. Behind your yard, or small natural pond nearby, or a unique food in your own area. Just explore, enjoy, share…(maybe my suggestion is too late, but…no matter….just for sharing). Share it and let people be curious!..don’t forget…traditions as well!

ImageNgempon temples, Semarang, Central Java…only 30 km from my (previous) home.

2. Get Some Photos and Tell it if you have much time
After that, just take some shoots! You don’t have to share it all into one album, just one or five (up to you) depends on your need. More or less detailed, you’re decision maker.

DSC02124Paper house burning rites, Semarang, only 3 km from my (previous) home.

3. Look for its history.
If you find an infamous but interesting place, such as old tavern, barrack or something even the natives do not care about it, you can try to ask or find out its history. Or if you’ve got much time, just go to the local archives nearby and hope to get access. The legend is also interesting, though sometimes the legend is scary one.

DSC02412Dieng Plateau, Central Java (120 km from Semarang)

4. Just believe in yourself.
Your friends maybe have gone around the world, or all parts of your country. You? maybe some of you only imagine about it. Whatsoever, you must believe in yourself, though just travelling around your own city, villages or province. Maybe you will know much better than those who’d been the real travellers. Once more just believe in yourself or I’ll bite your knee caps! (kidding).

Around your own city? surroundings or even your own province or states? No matter!

Next time I’ll tell you more.

This is my ……. daily prompt. I hope it will work for you all.


Bambang Priantono

26 Comments Add yours

    1. Thank you…I just wanna share. Nothing else.

  1. danirachmat says:

    Indeed it is a wonderful post! 🙂

  2. nurme says:

    Agreed.. We can many thing to tell about. Do not going far away to make a story complete, just near our city in our country. Nice shoot.Especially Dieng photograph

    1. Thank you very much…I believe we can make change just from our own surroundings.

      1. nurme says:

        Yes we can 🙂

  3. tinsyam says:

    yang dieng itu aduuuuuuhhh..

    1. Hehehehehehe….pengen?

      *melet dari jauh*

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