A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Yellow / Kuning : A Yellow Balinese Attire

Yellow means brightness
It is also color of sun, sun flower, gold and many more.
Without yellow, all will be dull

Just for this week’s challenge I’ll share this photo.

An unidentified little girl dressed up in a yellow Balinese attire. I took it when there’s a festival in Semarang last year.

Enjoy it.


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16 responses to “A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Yellow / Kuning : A Yellow Balinese Attire

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  2. Cute shot. Poor kid. All made up like an adult. Her outfit so tight, it’s about cutting her arm off. Still, a very good portrait. Nice job.

    • Hahahaha..that’s the reality. But she looked cute, though tired.

      • Over here they make them up like that, then make them compete in cute baby contests, or cute little girl contests, or cute anything contests.

        One of the biggest news stories of recent decades came out of Colorado, if I remember correctly. (You can find it on the map. hehehe)

        It was the murder of one such little girl, can’t remember how old she was. Many people blamed her parents, but no solution was ever found. The murderer still runs free. They couldn’t find a motive for the killing, either.

      • Here sometimes held like ‘Kartini cilik’, ‘baby contest’. And I think we have to find it out how can it held and that’s so complicated as in one side parents maybe want their kiddies become famous, but in security it can be less and less especially in this modern era.

        Btw, when did it happened? Colorado? I’ve found it hahahaha..

  3. So cute Mas. Kebayang itu waktu acaranya gimana. Siapa ini mas? putri njenengan kah?

  4. She has a beautiful eyes, thank you for sharing !

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