(Monday’s Photostory) : Toko Merah / Red Shop

Have a nice Monday!
I’ve passed this day with joy. The students were in their highest mood and I hope it will last longer than before. New year, new spirit. Anyway, I’d like to share my visitation to Jakarta Old Town several months ago. One of the historical buildings I visited there was Toko Merah or Red Shop. How does it get its current name? because of its red bricks that’s why it can be recognized among other old buildings scattered around Kali Besar main canal.

It was built in 1730 as official resident for Gustaaf Willem van Imhoff, who governed Batavia (old name of Jakarta) between 1743-1750 and it’s used by other governors until 1786. Between 1786-1808 it was converted into a hotel and then into row houses. It got its current name when Oey Liauw Kong, a Kapiten Chinezen for Batavia purchased it in 1851, painted it into red and converted it to be his resident and shop.

The building was the office for the Bank voor Indië between 1920-1940. After the independence of Indonesia, it became an office for various state-owned enterprises e.g. PT. Satya Niaga (1972). Toko Merah or Red Shop is intended to be convention hall and commercial gallery, and it is expected to get more tourists in the future. I just visited its outside and only looked at a glance its interior. Its architecture is part of the tropical unfriendly oldest Dutch one, and if you’re from Holland, just check and compare with your old buildings..especially 17th-18th centuries. See it and compare with Toko Merah.

ImageFrom Kali Besar Canal

ImageToko Merah and other buildings

ImageToko Merah

ImageThe plague

ImageIts interior parts

ImageThe door

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18 responses to “(Monday’s Photostory) : Toko Merah / Red Shop

  1. sabrina pranajaya

    Aku kagum sm karya nya

  2. Pernah liat di tipi, mas.
    Katanya rada horor gitu ya.

  3. nemu ajaaaaa.. ku malah seliweran aja ga motret..

  4. elok46

    have a nice tuesday🙂

  5. Beberapa kali lewat tapi belom pernah mampir. Bagus mas..

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