Weekly Photo Challenge : Beginning/ Permulaan

Anything cannot be started without a beginning
If there’s no beginning, what about the ending
You start, you finish
You go and you come
Sun rises, moon sets
Moon rises, sun sets
You want a result
But you need also a beginning

These photos were taken when I was walking along with my nephew on 29 December 2013. It was very clear, and I saw the highest peak in Java far from my house. Mahameru, with the sun biased on it.

This is my version of beginning

ImageLet’s start

ImageMahameru mt from afar….starts the humble morning

Malang, 29 December 2013

ImageHumble early morning from Dieng Plateau

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21 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge : Beginning/ Permulaan

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  2. Every day is a new beginning and you captured one of them nicely.

    Now come and see my weekly beginning photo challenge:

    • Thank you.

      When we wake up, it’s always a beginning…:)

      • Yes, and some beginnings are more pleasant than others. Here, it’s really cold—below freezing—with snow all about. These types of beginnings are not my favorite. 🙂 I’m more a fair weather beginning sort of person.🙂

      • Ic then. Here is undetermined…but it’s getting rainy in the next weeks. Sometimes I imagine about living in the four-seasoned countries, but not in Siberia then..it’s too cold. Hahahahaha..

        Our problem is similar….cold (but here’s wet)

        Nice to talk to you🙂

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  7. Subhanallah Maaas…. Indahnyaaa…

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