(2nd January Notes) : NEW YEAR RESOLUTION? Sorry, Hell No!

Happy New Year everybody!

I hope all things are gonna be better in this year, even though some say it’s gonna be wooden horse year (based on Chinese calendar) in the following weeks. I read wood horse year is full of boiling events in all aspects of live. Whatever it is only God decides then, we just wish and hope. But, only wishing and put a great expectation won’t help you at all if there’s no action.

Every year ends, most will mention their resolutions for the forthcoming year. Tell it to friends, relatives and even your imaginary friends (ghost, banshee, gremlin, dracula- but most girls want Twilight vampires- yiks, etc…etc). I want to have new car, new hair cut, new gadget, new house, new girlfriend, getting married, having children and many many more resolutions sprinkled around, either still kept in your brain or spread out into public. Much alike celebrities, their resolution is mostly about their growing and growing career. However, most of resolutions haven’t been realized through the year. No new things, just similar to previous years….old things, old lifestyle, old girlfriend, old wife (oops…).

I do not blame it, because it’s wishing and hoping. Everybody has got right to do that. But, the most important thing is how to realize all wishes and resolutions for this year.

When I was thinking about it before new year celebration, finally I came into a decision…no resolution for this year. For me, resolution is a big no and hell no. I don’t have any wishing list for 2014, just leave it blank and only think about doing the best thing for the day. But, not steady at all as my own life. Dynamic life and doing my best are only my wish, remember, it’s not really resolution, because what I know about resolution is HD resolution for movies. Sorry, hell no for 2014 resolution as life goes on and we do not know what will happen on us in the future. We just plan, but God decides and knows the best, based on what I believe (If you don’t,..it’s your rights).

2014 is much alike other years for me, our life decreased as the forward year, and our step is closer to the end year by year. What we can do here is do our best today, because future is still mystery and unpredictable. What you do today is the foundation of your own future.


Happy New Year 2014
Gelukking Nieuw Jaar 2014
Bonne Annee 2014Feliz Ano Nuevo 2014
Feliz Ano Novo 2014
Selamat Tahun Baru 2014
Sugeng Warsa Enggal 2014
Malipayong ng Bagong Taon 2014
Malipayon nga Bag-o nga Tuig 2014

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26 responses to “(2nd January Notes) : NEW YEAR RESOLUTION? Sorry, Hell No!

  1. I agree with you sir…. let’s Talk less do more.. ha ha ha😀

  2. Happy new year! The very same here for me. Decided not to write those kind of resolution or hope. Love it!🙂

  3. Feliz Ano Novo 2014, Feliz Vida!

  4. I heard once that humans betray the here by living in the future and the past. The past is just that past and the future maybe but life is happening right now. Live now and live well. great post and reminder.

  5. Haryo Wicaksono

    Xinnian kuaile

  6. Selamat Tahun Baru 2014 & Gong Xi Fa Cai. 🙂

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