Located in Malang downtown, built in1875 and it has got 20 internal pillars which represent Allah’s characteristics and 4 large pillars represent The Prophet Muhammad’s characters. It was enlarged between 15 March 1903 and 13 September 1903 and renovated many times until its present form. But the original architecture is still well preserved in its inside up present.

I went there for performing Juma prayer day before yesterday and this is for you.

ImageJami Mosque


Before praying


After Juma praying


I hate the wires! hehehehee…

8 Comments Add yours

  1. danirachmat says:

    Kabelnya memang mengganggu mas. Masjidnya indah..

    1. Iya, itu yg gak aku sukain

  2. nurme says:

    merusak pemandangan itu kabel ya,,,

  3. Haryo Wicaksono says:

    CIkgu, i think you haven’t edit your ‘about’ page yet, it’s still written as :
    ‘I am a teacher who lives in Semarang’
    (salah fokus, hahaa). Anyway, nice pictures, i visited Malang several time but never been here..

    1. Ben lah..engkok diurus maneh, hahahahaa…

      Paling awakmu ngandhok nang Unbraw ae yo mesti kadit tau.

      1. Haryo Wicaksono says:

        tau yo, wes sering malahan… hehe

      2. Maksude nang Unbra iko bray….gak tau nglayap nang liyane. Hahayz

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