(Weekly Photo Challenge) : JOY/ KEGEMBIRAAN

New challenge, but it’s wonderful.
Do you enjoy your life as you are doing today?
I hope so…joy for me means happiness.
Alone or with your friends/beloved ones…
Joy..joy and enjoy your joyful life.

I share two photos…It’s so narcisstics, as I don’t bring my photo archives. I took it from my own photos on facebook then. Enjoy it.

For this challenge

ImageJump and joy..

Plaosan Temple

ImageWith my friends, during Mandarin course..Hehehehe

Xie xie

15 Comments Add yours

  1. mas huda says:

    I also enjoy my life mr… you can see my narsis photo on my facebook profile

    1. Hahahahahaa…which one?

  2. danirachmat says:

    Yang di candi plaosan kelihatan bahagia bener Mas..

    1. Hahahahaa..kalau yang bawah kayak maksa gitu?

  3. Sing neng candi, aja duwur-duwur ngangkat tangane, mas….

    1. Hahahaha..wis gawe rexona.

  4. Sing nang Candi malah ketok mekso. Sing nang kursusan malah ketok HEPI banget…

    1. Hahahaha…masi mekso sing penting maknyusss..

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