Little information :
In Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese Temple is called ‘Klenteng’, different to Malaysian which calls it ‘Tokong’ or ‘Tokong Cina’. Word ‘Klenteng’ or ‘Kelenteng’ derives from onomatopoeia of the bell and it sounds ‘teng’, ‘teng’, ‘teng’. And Indonesians then call it Kelenteng.

For the sixth day of my holiday in my hometown (Malang, East Java), I visited Eng An Kiong temple which locates near Pasar Besar/Pecinan Malang. I came little bit late, as it was close to Friday Juma prayer. However, I just wanted to visit for a moment. I’ve visited many Chinese temples, yeach…at least in Semarang I’d come to more than 10 temples (let me count it first, then). En Ang Kiong temple was supposedly built around 1825 and En An Kiong means “Palace of Savior in God’s Eternity”. I think it was Hokkien…not Mandarin (hahahaha). Why? because when I mention ‘Ceng Beng’, ‘Cakue’, ‘Co Kong Tik’ etc…all my colleagues who come from Northern China do not understand at all. Hehehehe.

Well, enjoy this temple with the beautiful but small pond inside.

Greetings from Malang,


ImageEng An Kiong

ImageEng An Kiong


ImageThe hall



ImageSmall but beautiful fish pond


ImageSmall ‘heaven’

ImageFrom the street

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7 responses to “(Malang Pictorial Of Day) : ENG AN KIONG CHINESE TEMPLE/ KLENTENG ENG AN KIONG

  1. Indahnya…..
    Entah kenapa Mas, lighting matahari di poto-potonya bikin saya rindu sama Malang.😀

  2. Balik kampung serta bercuti bersama-sama kah?

  3. ihirrr saya baru mengunjungi kelenteng eng an kiong tadi siang hehe

  4. Ping-balik: Klenteng Eng An Kiong: Salah Satu Klenteng Tertua di Malang yang Berarsitektur Unik - Travelmate Kamu!

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