(First Aerial Shots) : Between Jakarta-Malang

This is my first flight after more than six years I haven’t done it anymore. I took flight from Jakarta to Malang because of year end holiday. On last Sunday, I got Sriwijaya Air but before I had to find it because I didn’t know exactly where Sriwijaya Air locket was. Terminal 1, 2 and 3 are scattered and at 4 a.m along with my uncle, I had to search it under the rain. But finally we found it in Terminal 1 for domestic flights. I was little bit scared at first when it landed off, but then I enjoyed the flight. Between Jakarta and Malang took 1.30 hours and I took some aerial views for the first time. It was cloudy and rainy, so that’s why the pics didn’t show the brightest ones..

Enjoy it.

ImageSee you Jakarta

ImageTerminal 1

ImageThrough the dark cloud

ImageEvery clouds has its silver lines

ImageLook at the sky


ImageYihaii, as the pilot said…we’re passing through Semarang

ImageLeaving Semarang

ImageHeading to Malang

ImageYiiha…the mountains

ImageArjuno mountain

ImageThis is Malang

ImageMalang from aerial

ImageAlmost landed

ImageFinally, I am home

ImageNewly constructed Abdul Rachman Saleh airport. In the future, more and more direct flights to Malang.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. danirachmat says:

    There are so many cities in Indonesia expanding their airports. Great aerial view pictures Mas. Make me want to take one.

    1. Hehehee..it’s a must then.

  2. Badai says:

    Have a nice holiday! Salamku untuk Malang! ^^

  3. rangtalu says:

    keren bos..
    saya kalau naik pesawat ga pernah kebagian jatah duduk dekat jendela 😦

    1. Ini aja beruntung banget kok..hehehehe.

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