Weekly Photo Challenge : One/ Satu (Hanoman Dancer)

I still remember when I went to Solo several years ago, I watched a classical royal dance which shown on Palace Festival. I took many pictures and for this challenge, I found one memorable picture…Hanoman or Hanuman. In Javanese and Balinese versions, Hanoman is depicted like the real white monkey, and this movement was interesting for me.


Special for this week’s challenge


14 Comments Add yours

  1. Love that mask!


    1. Thank you Janet..

      This is Indonesian version of Hanuman 🙂 closer to the real monkey than other versions..:D

  2. suangar men, rek 😀

  3. dani says:

    Keren Mas. Keliatan perkasa hanomannya. Paling suka tokoh wayang ini dari dulu…

    1. Hehehehe…iya, menurutku keren ini daripada versi negara lainnya.

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