(Saturday’s Note) : Happy Mother’s Day

Happy mother’s day, Mom.
Maybe in other parts of the world it’s been over. But in Indonesia, it will be celebrated on 22nd December. This is special thing for all Indonesian mothers (sorry for other mothers..hehehehe), because they have got their day, unlike Indonesian fathers who have no special day (Poor daddy…then hahahah). In other countries, Mother’s day is celebrated every second week of May, while in some European and Middle East countries, it is memorized every 8 March. Only Indonesia which celebrates it every 22nd December.


It is based on a conference attended by women from 12 cities in Java and Sumatera, namely Kongres Perempuan I (Women Congress I) which was held on 22-25 December 1928 in Jogjakarta. 22nd December was declared as mother’s day in The Third Women Congress (Kongres Perempuan III) in 1938. Even through president’s decree no.316 in 1959, Soekarno officially announced every 22nd December as Mother’s Day. It is inspired by various female fighters such as Cut Nyak Dhien, RA Kartini, Dewi Sartika, Maria Walanda Maramis, Cut Nyak Meutia, HR Rasuna Said and many more. Much alike other world’s mother’s day, it is aimed to give respect and appreciate all mothers’ struggles to raise up, educate and guide us to be good persons. Without mothers, what we can be, because we’re not made of stone, right?

Filial piety, especially to mother is absolutely a must.

I, myself, always say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ to my mum. Even though it doesn’t mean breaking for their responsibilities, but we must show our love to them. The Prophet Muhammad PBUH even mentioned ‘mother’ four times for the person you must respect. “Your mum, your mum, your mum, your mum, and then your father.” Mother is our inspiration, our light, our warmth and our first love prior to love others (though love to God is the absolute thing, for those who believe in God). Mother, whatever you are, you’ll always be mother in our hearts..

Do not forget to say it…though maybe wordless to our moms..

Happy Mother’s Day for All Indonesian Mothers

*Mothers from other parts of world, please be patient, wait your turn next three or five months later….* Kidding.

Tangerang, 21 December 2013



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  1. danirachmat says:

    It will be tomorrow, a special day for every mother in Indonesia. Thx for the reminder

  2. Happy Mother’s Day for All Indonesian Mothers

    *Hadapi dengan senyuman* (backsound)

      1. opo iku ‘ngak2’ ?

      2. Iku ngguyu…ngakngakngak

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