Weekly Photo Challenge : Community / Komunitas

Community? It’s the next more challenges for me. Well, for this week, I’d like to show a tradition in Semarang, Central Java for welcoming fasting month. It’s called Dugderan, and at the time I had a chance to document people dressed up in accordance to their community and showed their wonderful costumes. I love to shoot cultural event, why? because it’s the time where I can see people dressed up in their traditional attires (show up the community, right?), as it’s hard to see it in our daily lives coz of globalization. Here they are! Taken from Dugderan event 2011

ImageJavanese attires 1


Javanese attires 2


The attires 3


Combination between Kebaya and hijabΒ (still community)




High schoolers dressed up in Manchu Chinese attires (some combined with hijab)

In another ocassion, I also took some pictures in Semarang Balinese Festival 2013 held welcoming ‘Nyepi’ day which is celebrated among Balinese Hindus. There were fashion shows, music performances and preparing canang (offerings).


Preparing Canang



Special for this week’s challenge


Bambang Priantono

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40 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge : Community / Komunitas

  1. Menyenangkan sekali bisa dapat kesempatan melihat festival seperti ini Mas.

  2. I love to see people in their native costumes. They’re always so colorful and distinct. Thank you for liking my About page.

    Here is my entry for this week’s challenge: Community (and Sub-communities)

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  5. Saya suka! Great post. I fell in love with your country on my first overseas adventure in 2009 (Bali), and revisited in 2010 (Bali), and also in October (Lombok). You’ve captured the beautiful traditions that are so well preserved and strong today. I look foward to making my way west to Jawa in the future.
    Terima kasih, salamet malam.

    • Apa kabar Anna!
      Thanks for your appreciation and impressions on my country. Though those attires are mostly worn for formal or cultural events, but I will always love it. I hope you can come to Jawa sooner.

      Terima kasih kembali ya..


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  7. Halim Santoso

    Unikk festivalnya… Tiap tahun digelar di Semarang atau cuma di tahun 2011 aja?πŸ™‚

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  9. Zen

    Very colorful photos indeed.πŸ™‚

  10. Dugderan itu tradisi hanya di setiap awal bulan Ramadhan ya?
    mbok sampeyan kalo ada waktu posting history.. bagaimana upacara adat Jawa menyatu dengan hari besar Islam.

    • He-eh…kan aslinya untuk mengabarkan kapan jatuhnya puasa sekaligus mengumpulkan warga agar bisa guyub dengan bupatinya.

      Insyaallah sih kalau sempet Mas, tapi harus nambah2 referensi dulu biar mantep. Mungkin habis mudik nanti.

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