(Travel Theme) : STILL / DIAM….

It’s hard to find the best fit for ‘still’, because all pictures are actually still. If it moves, it’s not still, but movie – kidding.

Here they are for this week’s theme

ImageStill….Sundak Beach, Jogjakarta


Sundak Beach part 2


Candi Bima/ Bima temple, the only Indonesian ancient temple which has got Southern Indian architecture….Dieng, Central Java


Still rowing your boat?


23 Comments Add yours

  1. mas huda says:

    Yang paling bawah suka bangettt

    1. Aseeekkkk…makasih hehehe.

  2. dani says:

    Saya bakalan diem aja kalo ada di poto paling bawah. Menikmati indahnya alam di situ Mas.

    1. Sambil menggalau juga asyik, tapi awas jangan sampe kesambet. Hahahaha..

  3. Indira says:

    All are beautiful , the last one is exceptional.

    1. Hmmm, by the way…What’s your opinion about the last?

      1. Indira says:

        Reflection in the water, that raft, children rowing it and boat houses all make it awesome. Its quite different from other pictures I have seen. Soothing to eyes.

      2. I can feel it, when I found the object..the sun shone smoothly and the sky was clear enough. I was amazed at the moment and prior taking it, I kept silent a while….enjoyed the reflection.

      3. Indira says:

        You are a very good photographer.

      4. Thank you, but I am still amateur and need to learn more and more.

  4. nurme says:

    Yang paling bawah kereeeen.. bagus pengambilan gambarnya nih..

    1. Sebenarnya kebetulan lho ini…matahari bersinar lembut, dan langit cerah. Jadi refleksinya mantul dengan sempurna. Sempet diam sejenak melihat momen itu sebelum akhirnya dijepret.

      1. nurme says:

        Iya bagus banget jepretannya..

      2. Pas momennya aja sih.

  5. Shiiro says:

    Itu yang lokasi gethek kayaknya damai banget. Airnya tenang, ga beriak.
    Btw, makasih sudah follow, mas.. 🙂

    1. Seru lho, apalagi kalau cuacanya cerah, dan sayup2 mataharinya.

  6. Ajib banget gambar terakhir. Saya pasti betah lama-lama kalau di situ.

    1. Hehehehe…dan syaratnya pas masih belum ada pengunjung.

  7. Emilio Pasquale says:

    I like “Still rowing your boat the best but it is hard to pick just one. Good work.

    1. Actually I’ve got some but I think the best one is what I uploaded here..hehehe.

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