Travel Theme : Sky / Langit

Just look at the sky, not another object..

Have a nice weekend for you all. I took these from various parts of Central Java, Indonesia while I was still there.

Special for this challenge

ImageOver the cathedral, Semarang


Look at the sky, Semarang


Clean sky over the temple, Prambanan


Maravilhosa…de Borobudur


Morning dew with the bright sky, Dieng, Central Java

Enjoy it..

18 Comments Add yours

  1. nurme says:

    I love blue colour of sky… Really enjoyed all this picture.
    And I love clean sky over the prambanan… Make me feel so free or ff

    1. But in India, blue means sorrow…while in China means sickness..

      1. nurme says:

        Oh ya..
        For me blue are beautiful

      2. nurme says:

        Ayo take a pic blue lagi

      3. nurme says:

        iyooo…. ditunggu

      4. Insyaallah..tapi gak janji

      5. nurme says:

        I love the blue…
        Whatever means in others country

      6. Hehehehehee….tapi warna biru juga menarik perhatian nyamuk dibanding item.

      7. nurme says:

        Aaah si Mas mah nyela warna biru muluuuu…
        Biru itu tenang, misterius, setia..

  2. danirachmat says:

    Indahnya Mas, pengen jalan-jalan jadinya..

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