(Yummy Inspiration) : LOVEY HERBY SOUPY

ImageIt’s yummy as it can be eaten in the cold night or seasons. It contains of herbs which can cure your flu and depends on the amount of ingredients you want to add. It was made through my brainchild when I was preparing my dinner. There were some unused carrots, potatoes and tomatoes. It’s warm, little bit spicy and sour at the same time. That’s my herby soupy.. It’s easy and simple in preparation (at least for myself). I share the soup by inviting my good friend at 9 pm and we enjoyed the soup together. Trust me..no MSG and tomato sauces at all! Just fresh tomatoes I used for this soup. Light and spicy.

Inspiration can come anytime and sometimes in unexpected way. And here it is.

Sliced tomatoes (from 1 or 2 tomatoes)
250 gr chicken fillet (cut into cubes)
2 unpeeled potatoes, cut into small cubes (make it sure all washed and cleaned up)
2 carrots (slice thinly).
(Quiet simple…right?).
1 teaspoon chopped ginger
Some fennels, cumin seeds, one cardamom, cinnamon and one clove.
5 onions (chop it)
2 garlics (chop it well)
1 leek (chop into small pieces)
Some honey, salt, and pepper.
1 or 2 glasses of water.
1 tablespoon of cooking oil.

1. Preheat the non stick deep frying pan and put the cooking oil with small amount of margarine.
2. Stir onions, garlic, leek and gingers until fragrant.
3. Add other herbs and let it whitered.
4. Then, add the sliced tomatoes, let it whitered and mashed well.
5. Add the potatoes, let it shimmered.
6. Add the chicken fillet, stir until brownish and juicy.
7. Put the carrots, give the honey, salt and pepper.
8. Pour the water, let it cooked well while you can stir it.
9. Prepare your bowl, pour it and eat it while still hot.
10. Enjoy it!

For two portions


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4 responses to “(Yummy Inspiration) : LOVEY HERBY SOUPY

  1. Look like delicious..
    Lucky woman who will be u wife..

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