Daily Prompt : A Talking Bird, I am Super Polyglot!

Being a language master is my obsession since a long time. I am never satisfied with one language. Since I was younger, I’ve been naturally bilingual with Bahasa Indonesia and Javanese (not Japanese, remember! or I’ll cut y’all into pieces…hahahaha) and English as my third language as well as other ones are coming. I am also eager to learn any languages I think interesting, but as each other has got their own uniqueness, I am always at crossroads….which language should I learn first. In my new workplace, I also have to learn Mandarin along with its artistically difficult characters (hahahaha..but I think it’s a goody goody challenge).

I wanna be a super polyglot who can speak and understand any languages. In my brainchild, I am gonna wear superman-like costume but the letter is ‘P’ not pee….Super Polyglot is me! Why? because it’s based on my real obsession….being good at any languages. It’ll be gloriously wonderful if I can go anywhere without translators…I don’t need any interpreter which may sometimes make mistakes. Mistranslation can lead war….yeach, I mean war. Besides knowing and speaking any knowledge, I’ll be also good at read any characters. Roman, Cyrillic, Arabic, Sanskrit and many more….if so…alien ones! That’s fun as I am able to know each stories and histories of every civilizations. I will be able to read ancient scripts by my own and tell the truth to the world about history. Sometimes, history depends on who’s ruling at the time, and many ‘petite histoires’ are hidden insiden memories.

As Super Polyglot, I’ll go to Egypt, reading hieroglyph and speaking old Egyptian too. Wow…For me all will be wonderful and any mysteries can be solved.

But, in reality, not all can be mastered. I have to master specific ones, even though I cannot be a super polygot in my real life, but I believe God has given me the best thing…..understanding on many languages. And you know, my planning is mastering the following languages :

1. Mandarin
2. Cantonese
3. Vietnamese
4. Korean
5. Turkish
6. Tagalog
7. Bisaya
8. Waray9. Klingon
10. Yiddish…
Emmmm…..what else, then?

It’s exaggerating, but at least I can fulfill parts of my obsession to Super Polyglot!

bambang priantono
22 November 2013

For this week’s daily prompt

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  1. nurme says:

    Wow.. I think you can trying to concern in one language first, beside javanese of course.. hahahaha… Thanks languages to easy for you. May be Mandarin or France. Coz Franze will become International languges.

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