Cee’s Black & White Challenge : Sculptures, Statues & Carvings (From Indonesia)

Finally I return to Cee again!
For this moment, let me share about various photos I’ve taken from many temples scattered in Indonesia, particularly in Java Island. There are many ancient temples which represent Hinduism and Buddhism in history, and many of them have been preserved and become tourism destinations, while at the same time some are still used for religious rites in particular times.

Here they are for this challenge

ImageBorobudur, Indonesia


This is a relief in Mendut Temple, Central Java (not Thailand!)




Dieng, Central Java

Greetings from Indonesia

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24 responses to “Cee’s Black & White Challenge : Sculptures, Statues & Carvings (From Indonesia)

  1. Mengapa kok dikasih keterangan “Not Thailand”, ada yg mirip kayak gitu ya di Thailand?

  2. Well done, Super Images and a great post .

  3. Membayangkan kalo foto2 itu dicetak jadi postcards hweeeh kereen!

  4. Gorgeous statues!! Thanks for participaing!

  5. I´ll be there someday !!!!

  6. Ping-balik: Cee-Black-White Challenge-Statues | WoollyMuses

  7. Wuah sukses, Mas. Semoga cita-citanya segera tercapai. Jangan melupakan teman lama ya kalau dah terkenal🙂

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