A writing system is an organized, regular method (typically standardized) of information storage and transfer for the communication of messages (expressing thoughts or ideas) in a language by visually (or possibly tactilely) encoding and decoding (known as writing and reading) with a set of signs or symbols, both known generally as characters (with the set collectively referred to as a ‘script’).

936734_10151870056469335_951958749_n‘Allah’ or God in Javanese script

Yupe, I think so.

I do not make into account how many script I have learnt so far, since I was 4 until nowadays. But what I remember here is, I was taught how to write when I was 4 and then in kindergarten we’re taught how to write and read. Surely my first script was Roman script or called Latin. From A – Z, and we learnt how to write it step by step through cursive style. Yes, at the time, cursive style was the earliest writing style I knew prior exposed to Arabic script. Yes, Arabic script was taught for reading our Holy Quran. I studied at Islamic schools from age 5 until 12, and I also learnt again after school at home. From Alif, ba, ta until ya. Just say that as Hijaiyah script. Thanks God or Alhamdulillah then I can read the God’s messages through my Holy book though up to now without Harakat, I must speculate how to read it. Haha…

When I was at Secondary School, my religion teacher write my name in Arabic script, but not trully Arabic as in Arabic itself there’s no ‘p’ and ‘ng’, even ‘c’. Nothing! I still remember how to write it though it’s been more than 22 years ago I got it. Well, we have also our own Arabic variation called ‘Pego’ or ‘Javanese-Arabic’ script as well as ‘Jawi’ or Malay-Arabic script. I am still able to read the ‘Jawi’ in several books by little bit struggles, but I assure for learning it again. I am obsessed to read old manuscript by myself in the future.

Then, when i was at Elementary school, I must also studied Javanese script called Hanacaraka and when there was homework, I couldn’t do it by myself. I always asked my grandpa or grandma for helping me, but then I feel its importance when I have been old enough right now, that’s why I re-learn it again and hopefully it will be useful for preserving our identity. Javanese script is descendant of Brahmic script and it’s very stylish and I like it so much. I feel like exercising my fingers when doing it.

Then, I also tried to read and write Cyrillic and Korean script (Hangul). I thought Hangul was more fun and easier to be learn, sure! I could write it at least with some effort for less than three hours. My Bangladeshi friend also wrote my name in his script (Bengali script) and I was taught to write it by myself, this script is also fun, though it’s got straight line like Devanagari, while Javanese script much alike Southern Indian scripts as well as Thai ones.

Now, in my new working place, I have to study Mandarin including its pictographic-derived scripts. It’s hard as I have to know how to start the strokes and you know, there’s no equivalent in Mandarin script for my name. They pronunce my name as ‘Pang-Pang’. Hahahaha….that’s so funny. But I think, studying Mandarin characters is as fun as others. While I am bored, I write something in Javanese script even for cursing (ssstt), and learning Mandarin characters at the same time. How can my brain spare space on it? I believe, I can!

Until I push up daisies, I will always learn. Why? I believe learning is unfinished and continued as long as we live.

So, how many scripts have you learnt?

Just asking


My name in Javanese script

Copy of DSC04068

In Russian script


In Jawi script


In Bangla script (hope I still do it correctly)

Bambang Priantono


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  1. nurme says:

    Itu hanacaroko ya?

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