(Post of Sunday) : Simple Oatmeal with Ginger and Tea.

Indonesians tend to have ‘heavy’ breakfast before starting their day. Rice is a ‘must’ staple food, along with various dishes depend on the regions. I also have rice as my breakfast, though sometimes I feel lazy to prepare it by myself. I often go to ‘warung’ (food stall) for buying my own breakfast such as nasi uduk (rice with coconut milk and its side dishes like fried eggs, tempeh (from soya bean), sambal and various fritters (you can choose by yourself). Or, chicken porridge…that’s my favourite dishes.

I keep oatmeal at home if I want to cook it. This morning, I thought about what I would eat for this breakfast, and then I found some ginger and tea. Hmmm, it’s nice idea for light breakfast. Oatmeal with Ginger and Tea. Anyway, how to prepare it? I just share a bit and it’s very easy. I prepared more ginger for taste, and combination between ginger and tea aroma were excellent. Just choose which tea you need.

Ingredients (for 1 portion) :

5 tablespoons of quick cooked oatmeal
2 glasses of hot water (for faster cooking)
2 parts of ginger, chop it well (up to you)
1 tablespoon of tea (any tea, black…jasmine…oolong….whatever), soak it in a glass of hot water.
Honey or sugar (for more taste)

How to cook it :
1. Preheat the water with the chopped ginger, let it boils and the aroma appears.
2. Pour the tea into the boiled water (you can remove its sediments if you dislike it).
3. Let all mixed and the aroma stronger.
4. Put 5 tablespoons of oatmeal, stir it well and let it boils.
5. Pour it into a bowl. Add honey or sugar. Don’t forget to stir it again.
6. Have a nice breakfast.


8 Comments Add yours

      1. Hanno Phenn says:

        I will as soon as I have Ginger in the House.

  1. nurme says:

    mirip bubur medado

  2. Sampe sekarang gak suka oatmeal. mau ditambah segala macam pun, masih tetep gak suka. -_-

    1. Namanya juga selera.
      Selera saya sih sudah universal…*cieeh*

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