(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Good Morning / Selamat Pagi / Sugeng Enjang

Hello everybody!

Longtime no see you all. Recently I have been very busy with my work…teaching at school, at course and also preparing curriculum along with accompanying students when there’s competition. Well, since several days ago I’ve prepared my own breakfast. At least I don’t have to buy outside, as I usually wake up at 4 a,m. I bought several vegetables particularly carrots as I love it so much, portable and champignon mushrooms are also my favorites. This morning before I left to school for accompanying students to drawing and swimming competitions, I prepared another version of spaghetti. Maybe combination between Italian and Indian styles at the same time. I call this ‘Vegetable curry  spaghetti’ and it was my breakfast. I prepared it only for one portion, while the rest you can develop it.

Good morning! Selamat pagi!

‘Vegetable Curry  Spaghetti’ (one portion)

Some spaghetti (cook it first for 10 minutes)
One baby carrot, slice it well
Two parts of broccoli, cut it well
One champignon mushroom, slice it.
One tablespoon of sliced small champignon mushroom
A part of paprika, slice it
Three chili, chop them
3 garlics, 3 onions and 1/2 big onion, chop them well.
Some coconut milk
Soy sauce (if you like)
Indian curry powder
Some water
Chili powder
Cooking oil

1. Preheat cooking oil on a wok.
2. Stir the onions, paprika and stir all until well.
3. Pour some water first if it’s been well done.
4. Do not forget to stir the vegetables over.
5. Add all condiments, started from salt, soysauce, chili powder and the last…curry powder.
6. Add again some coconut milk on the mixture. Stir all until finished (approximately 3 minutes or less if you want the vegetables remain crunchy).
7. Pour the mixture on the prepared spaghetti.
8. Enjoy it.

Have a nice week end, and this is special for the challenge


ImageThis is my morning meal…..enjoy and have it.

30 Comments Add yours

  1. wih. nyam nyam nyam…. 🙂

      1. yah, ketauan. uda keburu netes ini. hahaha

  2. nurme says:

    Hmm.. Look like delicious and healthy 🙂

  3. Enak ta, spaghetti saus kare?

    1. Ha-ah…enak kok..kombinasi Timur dan Barat.

  4. elok46 says:

    ora doyan spageti mas

  5. tinsyam says:

    ini bukan bumbu dari si oli ya?

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