(Short-Short Story) : SOMNAMBULISTIC (1)

This was an eery night.
The wind blew as if a satanic flute. I was just rolling up and down in my sleep. I couldn’t sleep….I couldn’t do anything. I was too tired after working for hours. Even my joyful bathing did not work to release my fatigueness. What kind of satanic flute? It was just fiction I heard from my late great-grandfather when I was a little helpless kid. I was sleeping, but not really sleeping. I was dreaming but my body couldn’t help me to dream too. The new fresh bought bouquette was just a garbage, it was fragrant, but It couldn’t help me to reach my holy dream.
How come? Where’s my dreamy sleep?
Aaarrhhh!!!! I screamed in silence while the wind was still blowing.
What’s wrong with my brain? All are there! Akin to leeches roaming.
It has been three somnambulistic nights I experienced. I always remember when Nosferatu…yes…Nosferatu, the movie I always watch before sleep haunted me. He looked as if staring at me with his eery cynical eyes and his sharp ears standing in front of me.
“Go! Go! Go!” I screamed
“I need some yummy blood!” said The Nosferatu, in deep creepy voice.
“Show me your finger……” he continued.
“No! Noooo!” I scared when my fingers were suddenly bleeding.
I shouted as loud as possible when I found myself awaken with messy bed. But….there was some blood over my bed cover.
Whose blood?
Whose blood is it?

Tonight, I felt it again…
I woke up in my sleep….someone tickled my feet and I suddenly stood up from my bed. My body couldn’t be controlled. There was a bleeding man in front of me. I wanted to scream, but oh…..I was a dead! The man was wearing a white hemd, and pantalons. He was approximately thirty something, tall and very blonde. His lips were bleeding and his eyes were only white as paper. The wind blew again like howling devil and I heard a dog was barking outside. The man just looked at me with a deeply anger….his white eyes became reddish as fire. I just kept silent in my sleep. My body was uncontrollable. The man was getting closer and closer to me. He showed his pale arms to me and seemed seeking for my neck.

“Who are you?”
“Who are you?” I only said it several times. The man kept walking.
Closer and closer. I was alone…nobody was at home. I’ve been living alone in this house for two years after my wife disappeared. Untimely, no traces. Where is she now?

He only spoke one word “Blood….blood…blood.”
No! Are you Nosferatu?
No answer…only blood…blood and blood again.


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Chas Spain says:

    Spooky – will look forward to the next installment

  2. tinsyam says:

    somnambulistic speelingnya pijimane?

  3. uni fauzia says:

    fantastic! boleh translate ke Jawa Timuran….? more unic..
    *****tunggu sambungannya….

    1. Terima kasih..insyaallah kalau sempat.

    1. Susah cari waktu luang sekarang…nulis aja gak sempet2

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