(Bahasa Indonesia for All) : Jam Berapa Sekarang?/ What time is it now?

Selamat sore!
Hi All! Long time I haven’t updated my ‘bahasa’ postings. I always keep busy with photo sharing and following many challenges in this blog. But now I just wanna try to share my knowledge on one of my mother tongues here (you know I am bilingual in nature, Bahasa and Javanese…note..not Japanese are my native languages). For today and randomly, I give some parts of conversations in Bahasa.

See this illustrations

Mary : “Jam berapa sekarang?” / What time is it now?
Abdul : ” Sekarang sudah jam lima lewat sepuluh.” / It’s five ten now.Mary : “Terima kasih ya.”/ Thank you so much.
Abdul : “Sama-sama.” /You’re welcome.

I just emphasize on the phrase “Jam berapa sekarang?”. We also know “pukul” besides “jam” (read like jump).

“Pukul berapa?” or “Jam berapa?” is okay, but Indonesians prefer to say “Jam berapa?” for asking time.

How to say hours in Bahasa? Quite easy! as far as you know about Indonesian numeral systems at first…

We do not recognize am and pm systems, as we follow European system like 13.00, 14.00 etc…for telling time after noon.

See this then

5.15  = lima lima belas/ lima (lewat) lima belas (menit) or informally lima seperempat.
5.30  = lima tiga puluh/ lima (lewat) tiga puluh (menit)/ setengah enam.
5.45  = lima empatpuluh lima/ lima (lewat) empatpuluh lima (menit)/ enam kurang (to) seperempat.6.00  = pukul/ jam enam.

While after noon…formally it will be said
13.00 = pukul tigabelas / (informally) jam satu siang (1 pm)
21.00 = pukul duapuluh satu/ jam sembilan malam (9 pm)
24.00 = pukul duapuluh empat/ jam duabelas malam (midnight…12 pm)

More examples..

1. Saya berangkat ke sekolah pukul 7 pagi / I go to school at 7 am.
2. Mary membersihkan rumah pukul 13.00 / Mary cleans the house at 1 pm.

That’s  all for today! Let me continue later!!

Sampai Jumpa…Selamat berakhir pekan/ Have a nice weekend!

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