(Monday’s Post) : An Unusual Miss World 2013

Miss World, Miss Universe and all Misses held in the world sometimes create controversy. Many people disagree as those are considered as immoral, unfit to traditional cultures, physical expositions, and have no any contributions even for national tourism. However, many people also agree on it as it is thought as part of one country’s tourism promotion as well as political tool in several parts. Indonesia’s participation in those misses has been controversy. In one side, Indonesia is well-known as religious traditionalists, but in another side Indonesia is also famous of its openness to any cultures. All cultures are then blended into one, Indonesian culture.


It is unusual for me when Indonesia becomes host of Miss World 2013. Many demonstrations and fatwa reject Miss World 2013 are visible everywhere. Even some organizations treated to close down the event. However, as it is held in Bali, Miss World 2013 went on with all its modifications. As far as I know, the committee had agreed to fit with Indonesia’s conditions. No bikini shown (though many Indonesians disbelieve on it), and wear more covered dresses for the show.



For me this Miss World is quite unusual. As for the first time, though it is still opening, Indonesian designers have more roles for the contestants dresses. Meanwhile for their dresses last night, they were glamorous but more covered than in other countries. Even the special thing I saw on TV last night, all contestants wore Indonesian traditional costumes. They looked much more charming and though some of them seemed weird for me, but in general, their beauties had been boosted up by wearing various Indonesian dresses.



We, Indonesians, have got lots of different traditional dresses from Aceh to Papua. Though Indonesia is Muslim majority country, even the largest one, but we’re so heterogeneous…from language, ethnicity until religions, but we’re united into one nation…as Indonesian. The contestants as I saw were wearing Acehnese, Minangkabaus, Palembangese, Betawian (Jakarta), Balinese, Buginese (South Sulawesi), Dayak (Borneo), West Timor (East Nusa Tenggara) until Papuan dresses. All of them were attractive and deadly beautiful for me.  They showed and sang together with Indonesian singers, though it was still just opening show, as the final will be just held on 28 September..yeach, 20 days left for seeing the Miss World 2013 in Indonesia. Maybe, it is brave enough for moderately conservative society, but the positive thing for me is Indonesia will be better known significantly within all political and societal unrest  happened nowadays.

Let’s say for me this is the first time all misses wearing totally Indonesian costumes and also following its customs at the same time. Controversy is always occurred, just how to think it over wisely.

Whatever you say….All Miss World contestants last night were totally beautiful….in Indonesian traditional ones!

ImageThis is Indonesia!

Salam manis

(Sorry for only getting some pics on TV)

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  1. Covered in public is always better than naked 🙂

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