Daily Prompt : Being Indonesian? I am deadly Proud of It!

Are you patriotic? What does being ‘patriotic mean for you?

I am deadly proud of being Indonesian, even far more than I imagine before. I still remembered when my grandfather told me about independence war between 1947-1949, he took a part of it, even one of my grand aunt killed many Dutch soldiers in front line. I was and I am so proud of it.

I know Indonesia is still under undetermined conditions, where mismanagement, corruptions and political problems still haunting.

I know some still underestimate Indonesia as backward, retarded and -even-hatred country, but I don’t care about it. I know that until now Indonesians are still required to apply visa when travelling to many countries, but for me it is not problem as it is actually good chance to travel around my own country.

My patriotism and I wish here is….visiting all parts of my own country prior visiting other countries. But the biggest point of patriotism for me is…whenever you are, you’re still proud of being Indonesian. I respect on Anggun C Sasmi’s patriotism, even though she’s French in nationality (formally), but She’s still proud of her heritage and her Indonesianness is very vibrant! Proud of you!




ImageIndependence day celebration in my school

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  1. tinsyam says:

    itu merayakan 17an dalam gedung? ga ada halaman gitu?

    1. Lapangannya besar Mbak…kan gak harus di lapangan.

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