(Saturday’s Pictures) : Ka Somber, a Madurese traditional dance

I didn’t take any good photos as it was spontaneous when I took these ones. The dance was performed when taking my nephew’s school report at his school, Muhammadiyah 4 elementary school on June 2013. There was also graduation celebration for Grade 6 students who passed from their national examination. And one of the shows was Ka Somber dance from Madura.

Ka Somber means Go to the spring. The dance depicted Madurese women who were seeking for water spring. It was so dynamic and lively as its bright attires, even though I didn’t got the video, but at least you will see the dance as part of creativity.

Enjoy it! Have a nice weekend for all

ImageKa Somber 1

ImageKa Somber 2

ImageKa Somber 3

ImageKa Somber 4

ImageBlurred version 1

ImageBlurred version 2

ImageAfter show

Enjoy it….from Indonesia

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