(Monday’s Posting) : What’s Behind The Grass? O…The Sparrow!

I just tried to take pictures of birds, and I went to a grassfield near my home. There was a pair of sparrows, and it was my chance to take their pictures. But at least I had tried and maybe next time, I’ll do it again.

Enjoy it!


ImageSparrows 2

10 Comments Add yours

  1. quinque says:

    keren gambarnya 😀

    1. Terima kasih..belum apa2 kok.

  2. tinsyam says:

    ini motretnya sambil tiarap ga?

  3. Itu yang di foto burung gereja ya

    1. Iya….itu aja berkali2 berjuang buat motretnya.

      1. Sudah aku duga :p

  4. naraya says:

    mantaplah gan pokoknya

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