(Opinion) : Happy Eid Mubarak For You All….

First thing, I’d like to say to all Muslims in the world (and myself) Happy Eid Mubarak….May Allah bless us after one month fasting and it is considered as our celebration upon ourselves.

For celebrating Eid, many ways have been done, in accordance to diverse traditions and customs. In Indonesia itself, one of the most vibrant traditions is ‘mudik’ (returning home), usually people who live in big cities or other places will come to their hometown, visiting their parents and all families there for celebrating the holy Eid with togetherness, with new dresses, having delicious -usually high cholestrol contained-food (ketupat, opor ayam – white curry, sambal goreng, etc), visiting and forgiving each other. Days before Eid, all roads had been full of ‘mudikers’ (home returnees) and even made traffic jam in many points. Nights before Eid, all malls and shopping centres were full of shoppers who wanted to buy new dresses or new furnitures. All competes to give special discounts or clearance sales on behalf of glamorous Eid celebrations. Besides, money is as if much in Eid celebrations….salam tempel or giving money has been integral part for Eid celebration, especially elders or those whose been working give some amount of money for kids, either their family or surroundings.

But, year by year, I am thinking over about the essence of Eid itself. Well, new dress is important, because we’re -Muslims- required to wear our best dress in Eid. Forgiving mistakes is also a must in Eid, as Eid-Ul-Fitr means return to the purity as if a newborn baby after a month fasting. Ramazan is our training camp for being more devout to our Creator, as Muslims we’re required to increase our ibadat than before as we believe the value will be multiplied much more than other months. Prays, Quran recitations, zakat (alms giving) and many more…Though I’m not a good one, I have tried and when Ramazan was over, I felt sad and just expect for seeing again the next Ramazan.

From all celebrations above, the most important thing on celebrating Eid is the implementation after Ramazan. How we can think about our surroundings, what we can do to help others, how is our attitude towards parents, how we practice our devotion to God more than before, How we can help needful people better and many more.

Tolerance is the most important thing after Eid. Not just among Muslims and Non-Muslims, but also inside Muslims themselves. Ramazan is our training camp, but many of us do not use it for better achievement. Many criminals, terrors, gossips and problems are stil existed, but the winner actually is one who can overcome his or herself and getting better in every parts of their lives.

This is just my silly humble opinion for celebrating Eid…let’s just forgive and start a new beginning for the next eleven months.

Happy Eid Mubarak for you all..

From Bambang Priantono
Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia…

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  1. prettyswan says:

    salam eid mubarak from kl, malaysia

    1. Salam for you too….from Tangerang, Indonesia..

  2. tinsyam says:

    maaf lahir batin ya masnono.. asik jalanjalan naik kereta ke depok..

    1. Iya, sama-sama Mbak..gak perlu rempong dg naik biskota yg macet dimana2…

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