Weekly Photo Challenge : Masterpiece/ Mahakarya

Since I know how to blog, I don’t really care about what people say ‘Masterpiece’ or ‘master plan’ and many more. I just know that I wanna share what I know, what I believe and what I specialize.

Immediately I start to think about my own masterpiece. From all my photographs, I must choose some of them to be part of this challenge. I almost always take pictures on events I attend or sites I visit as part of my learning process. In this case, I just try to share my ‘masterpiece considered’ pictures.

ImageImageImageWhy do I choose these pictures as my masterpieces, but one in the middle is my best cut? Though it’s been taken almost four years ago, but this was a precious moment because I could see Srimpi Anglir Gunung dance, a sacred royal dance from Surakarta palace by myself. It looked smooth and slow, but the dance took an hour and separated by four sessions (each sessions lasted 15 minutes) which had got its own meaning. Every movements had meaning, patience and earthy religious. The dancers were palace princesses and they should follow several rites prior to dancing it.

Sacred, mystical and elegant. This is what I can see from the dance. These are my masterpieces, as I love traditional culture though not deny global cultures.

Once more, those pictures are my precious moments…I won’t let it gone, and let me share them for you all. Even though I am not photography master as others.


Out of this world!

Special for this weekly photo challenge


Bambang Priantono

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30 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge : Masterpiece/ Mahakarya

  1. wah mas… beruntung banget bisa nonton tariannya.
    fotonya memang stunning dan cocok kok mas disebut masterpiece.😀

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  4. The pictures look beautiful and show how special the dance is.

  5. Truly our dance masterpiece, indeed…😀

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  7. Menarik sekali… jarang2 tarian sprt ini ditampilkan lagi

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